The New Light Journey

Follow the New Light Journey & Discover How To Create A Life Of Excitement & Fulfillment.

This course is a 7-week journey walking you through daily challenges and support to give you the tools to create a life you'll love in the eyes of God.

Journey Tools

Every journey is an adventure but you'll certainly need support on this one. You'll be paired with a journeymen instructor that will guide you through the challenges every step of the way.

  • Join the community of an purpose driven, ambitious individuals and organizations

  • Have the opportunity to build powerful connections

  • Will be mentored, coached, and trained inon how to maximize your life.

Discover Your Purpose and Create an Incredible Life Worth Living

Leverage the skills, tools, and tactics that will make a difference in helping you truly create a vision for life that is both exciting and rewarding.

Take a leap of faith and put yourself on the road to spiritual freedom—